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Art Relief International works to transform the lives of struggling social groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand by offering them the opportunity to express themselves through an artistic lens.

Art changes lives. It is both a powerful means of expression and a recognized means of therapy – two things that are vital in the lives of ARI participants. ARI works to cultivate creativity, create an atmosphere of inclusion for groups that are often cast out and ignored, and encourage social change.


Our volunteer-based organization relies on dedicated and open-minded individuals looking to make a creative difference in the world. This unique opportunity to volunteer in Thailand rewards both volunteers and ARI program participants alike.

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  • Newspaper Funnies 21 Mar 2017 | 12:58 am

    We are coming to the end of our comic book unit with Thai Freedom House. For the last few weeks, the students have been working together in four small groups to put together a comic book story. Each group wrote a story together and illustrated the scenes across a giant, ten-paneled storyboard. Each student also created their own cartoon character puppets on popsicle sticks that would be the stars of their comic book stories. This week, the kids completed their storyboards and popsicle stick characters and brought all of the pieces together for filming their short animations.

    Once the students broke off into their groups, they finished any final touches to their popsicle stick characters and storyboards.

    After the groups had all of their pieces assembled, we got ready to film their short movies. Each group briefly rehearsed together and we got set up for filming.

    The kids moved their popsicle stick characters around in front of their storyboards and narrated their stories while we filmed them, creating a short movie.

    In the second half of the class, we focused on the final project of our comic book unit: newspaper comic strips. Each student was asked to create a short,…