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Without our donors like you, Art Relief International wouldn’t exist. Our donors have enabled us to reach hundreds of people in the Chiang Mai community who need the healing power of art to help them through incredibly difficult times.  


Our program participants are survivors of every imaginable hardship. They include Burmese refugees, children with disabilities, gay and transgender people, victims of HIV/AIDS, and the hill tribes of Chiang Mai.  


Because of stereotypes, ethnic divisions, and social stigmas, these people lack a voice in the community. They are often unable to find acceptance and feel helpless, alone, and unheard. Art Relief International is here to give them a place of acceptance and a voice that can be heard the world over.  


Art truly does transform lives. Our participants reap the healing benefits of art therapy, learning to express themselves and work through some of the incredibly difficult circumstances they face every day. In doing so, they reach out to other people, they make themselves heard, and they find joy, laughter, and community.   


Our donors help us create all of this for our participants. We are incredibly grateful for your support and generosity. We want you to know that every donation truly changes lives.

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