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The Chiangmai Orphanage Foundation was the first charitable foundation in Chiang Mai to dedicate itself to the care of needy children. The orphanage itself was opened on July 20, 1966, thanks to the generosity of Miss Kingkaew Wiboolsanti, who donated her home with 2 rai of land and financing. It began by caring for just 25 children, and in honour of its major benefactress the orphanage was called Baan Kingkaew Wiboolsanti. It was founded with the purpose of establishing a home for the orphans, a safe haven where the children would find loving care and attention. The orphanage has since worked continuously to improve and develop living conditions for poor and otherwise homeless orphans and aims to provide each child in need with shelter, love and warmth and to raise them with the education to become good citizens while assisting the government of Thailand to provide relief of social welfare problems and to find suitable persons wishing to adopt a child.


ARI emphasized projects with aims on skill development, community building, and future goal planning in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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