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Thai Freedom House is a community language and arts learning center, founded in October 2005 that provides educational support to people who may not have any or very limited access to formal education. They are mostly newly arrived refugees from Burma and small tribal villages.


Thai Freedom House’s On-Site Learning Center has 37 students from around the city, who live in construction camps and have no access to public education because of their illegal refugee status.

Their parents work in the construction industry of Chiang Mai, toiling for 12 hours a day in the tropical heat of Thailand while the children stay at the camp and take care of each other. Some of them also work, doing small jobs on the construction site to help out. These children may have a chance to go to a free temple school in the future but cannot if they do not speak/read/write in Thai. Thai Freedom House teaches them Thai, English and Shan language and culture so they don’t lose connection with who they are and where they come from.

Project aims for ARI focus on skill development and building artistic skills (not product development), focus on making something with materials that are easily accessible to them to recreate on their own, educational projects, and development of Thai and English language skills.

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