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Urban Light is a grassroots organization dedicated to awareness regarding boys who are victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Most of the boys are from the hill tribes surrounding Chiang Mai, so their backgrounds are limited education and low-income families.


The Youth Center is located near the Night Bazaar and close to the red-light district. The purpose of the center is to have a place where the boys, ages 14 and up, can seek refuge and community away from harsh everyday realities. Urban Light is made up of a team that works 24-hours a day to empower boys to live healthy, happy, and safe lives. The team also provides immediate assistance regarding education, health services, housing, and emergency care.


Every day, the boys are provided with a free lunch. They can also use the community center for the Internet, showers, or recreational facility. Every day the center provides different interactive classes including English tutoring, music, and cooking.

We join the boys at the center to provide art workshops with emphasis on self-empowerment and identity development, with aims to learn how to express their feelings, to learn and think in creative ways. Our projects also teach art education, and English skills.

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