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Wildflower Home is a center for single mothers and their children located about 30-40 minutes outside of Chiang Mai. This center sends representatives out to villages around Thailand in search of single mothers in trouble (i.e. abused, abandoned by parents and family, unable to afford raising their children).  Wildflower Home offers free education and life skill training to the mothers until they are ready to leave.


Wildflower Home provides food and accommodation (clothing, medicine, shelter) for the single mothers during their stay. They also try to plot the steps needed to help each woman, and consider the availability of opportunities in the future for her children. Welfare officers assist women to achieve goals throughout their stay at Wildflower Home. Eventually, the women and children are individually evaluated.

ARI projects focus on educating and empowering the women through sustainable projects and are imcome generating based for sale in Chiang Mai markets and beyond, and on beautification projects for the facility.

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