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The Young Lions Global Art Program was founded by ARI in late 2010 with the goal of providing free community art classes to neighbourhood children. In doing so, we hoped to provide a safe and creative space for the children to play and grow; all the while helping to break down the cultural and societal boundaries that initially divided the children. Children come regardless of their family situation, their ethnicity, or their social standing.


While society often segregates and discriminates against particular groups, the Young Lions Global Art Program seeks to eliminate these barriers. It allows each child the opportunity to reach its full potential without restriction. We use the medium of art to bring children of diversity into a state of unity and inclusion. Our Young Lions gain an appreciation for one another, and in doing so, learn to accept themselves and their differences, all within the guise of play.


During our after school program, ARI aims to provide art projects with focus on having fun, community development, skill-oriented projects and English lessons.

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